Shout Out for Griffey’s return!

One of my favorite announcements this week in Seattle Sports: Ken Griffey Jr will return with the M’s for the 2010 season! Another Shout Out for Griffey!!!! Here’s a short clip of Jr’s 3 Run Home Run from late Sept in the ’09 season – love the look on my nephews face as he joins the fans in a standing O for one of my all time favs!!!! and I’m reading Ichiro thinks it’s pretty sweet too….


2 thoughts on “Shout Out for Griffey’s return!

  1. I feel bad for you guys, you should be building a team or try out some prospects with that roster spot. He barely hit over .200 last year. It’s cool he wants to give it one more year, but it’s at the expense of your teams ability to succeed beyond this year… Check out our blog

  2. No doubt there are many terrific prospects and your point well taken – having said that I think there’s an amazing magic Griffey brings to the M’s and Seattle that’s hard to put a value on – something to be said for maturity when it comes the mental aspect of the game and about chemistry with the team – he’s still swing’in a mean bat:.hitting a HR in 6 of the 7 home games my nephew went to in ’09 is enough to keep him in my good guy book! I gotta say even when Jr was wearing another teams jersey…. he brought Seattle fans to their feet here at Safeco and I much prefer him in blue. 🙂 Thanks for the link to your blog I’ll def be back over to check it out.

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