local novelist jane porter’s story on lifetime tv







 An afternoon of a “Lifetime” this month talking about book publishing and more over brunch with amazing women including local romance author Jane Porter who is by-the-way totally beautiful, down-to-earth and delightfully candid in person. 

Event host, Lori Richardson a nationally recognized sales effectiveness trainer, auctioneer and longtime friend – really set the stage, from remarkable company to a lip smacking menu.

I am now the proud owner of an autographed copy of the best selling novel “flirting with forty” by Jane Porter whose deliciously romantic book comes to life in a movie starring Heather Locklear scheduled to air on Lifetime TV February 14th.

A “date flick” just in time for Valentine’s Day! Check “flirting with forty” show times on Lifetime and discover other fantabulous reads on Jane Porter’s Blog.

 I  heart Jane Porter books!


group1 brunch


 Pictured above left to right, Lisa Schmidt &  Jane Porter; “flirting with forty” cover; Teresa Berry & Jane Porter, Kim Hunt, Lisa Schmidt & Elizabeth Case; Jan Phillips; Betsy Talbot; Lori Richardson- not pictured April Brown.

 Robert Buckley is Flirting With Forty


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